B2B for Efficiency
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Starter Kits
(Limited to 1 kit per partner)

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CB12-40   12-conductor 20AWG cable 40ft
CB8-40   8-conductor 20AWG cable 40ft
SF-ANALYZER   Battery Analyzer Software CD
HAL300S   Current Transducer HAL-300S
HASS50S   Current Transducer HASS-50S
HTA300S   Current Transducer HTA-300S
OL-xx   O-ring leads 10PK
TL-250   QDC Tab leads 10PK
SCREW-D25   Screw driver 2.5mm
NB4KIT   Sentry NB4 Kit
ST2402KIT   Sentry-2402 kit
ST2412KIT   Sentry-2412KIT
ST4012KIT   Sentry-4012 kit
STARTER-NB4   Starter Kit with NB4
STARTER-2402   Starter Kit with Sentry-2402
STARTER-2412   Starter Kit with Sentry-2412
STARTER-4012   Starter Kit with Sentry-4012

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