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Cost effective continuous state-of-health (SOH) battery monitoring system

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Our starter kit includes a complete battery monitoring system and tools for you to learn the latest BMS technology thoroughly, verify the function and performance, test integration, demonstrate to customers and earn more business with BatteryDAQ's competitive advantage and support.

Starter Kit with Sentry-4012 Starter Kit with Sentry-2412

Our Price: (Members Only)

Our Price: (Members Only)
Starter kit with Sentry-4012HV unit, harness and tools. Standard system for a high voltage UPS up to 40x12V batteries.
Starter kit with Sentry-2412 unit, harness and tools. Easy to set for up to 24x12V batteries.
Starter Kit with Sentry-2402 Starter Kit with NB4

Our Price: (Members Only)

Our Price: (Members Only)
Starter kit with Sentry-2402W2 unit, harness and tools. Standard BMS for a Telecom -48V system with 24x2V batteries.
Starter kit with NB4 unit, harness and tools. Miniature BMS for Telecom -48V or 24V system with 4x12V, 4x6V or 2x12V batteries.